The BBC (of Lunenburg) December 15 2014

It was a cold and drizzly December day in Lunenburg.   The doors of the majestic Victorian mansion burst open as a flood of wiggly fish drowned the reception room.  They were hypnotized, if only for a short period, by the enchanting song of the BBC mermaid!

Well, the fish were really kids.  And it wasn’t quite THE BBC; it was the Bozzy Book Club launch.  And the enchanting mermaid was actually celebrated children’s author Kate Lum.

Almost two weeks ago, a fun collaboration between Woolly Thyme Press, the Boscawen Inn (, and Kate Lum ( was born in our community.  The Bozzy Book Club is a series of book readings for children aged 3 to 9 that fosters storytelling and story making.  Judy (owner of the Boscawen Inn), Kate and I saw the need for parents in the area to engage their kids on the early dismissal days which spring upon South Shore parents every second Wednesday.  This is a recent change in the school schedule and has left many of us with that sinking question – what can we do with our kids that is fun, affordable, and does not involve a long drive?  To answer that question, we are opening the Inn’s doors to local children and parents as a platform to share the stories created by the people of Lunenburg County.  This is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn the art of storytelling from the many creative minds on the South Shore in a fun atmosphere.


Why Bozzy?  According to the online Urban Dictionary, a Bozzy is defined as a person who has mastered reading a book while scootering, or any other pointlessly difficult multi tasked activity.  That sounds fitting to me.  And Bozzy because these lucky children get to club it up at the Boscawen Inn.  The ever gracious and generous owners of the Inn, Judy and John Rawdon, host the most elegant affairs, from romantic destination weddings to corporate functions and artist retreats.  They also invite the merry band of misfits in our community to less formal gatherings such as community clothing swaps, Christmas cookie exchanges and house concerts.  Now, twice a month, it will be inundated with a couple of dozen children for the BBC of Lunenburg.

Our first club meeting went off with a bang.  I don’t recall if there was actual thunder, but it was a great day for ducks and puddle jumpers.  When the doors opened, 21 energetic kids and 1 sleepy newborn poured inside. 


Kate warmed up the kids with some stretching to get the silly wigglies out of their systems before she read her charming and hilarious “almost bedtime story” - What! Cried Granny

What!  is about an energetic little boy who sleeps at his granny’s house, though granny’s efforts prove to be futile as Patrick resists sleep with some pretty crazy antics.  The Bozzy kids joined Kate and uproariously read while parents nodded knowingly to her story in a café setting.  She followed this with a comical madlib excercise that the kids thoroughly enjoyed creating.  Kate was poised and engaging and grabbed this group’s attention with what seemed to be little effort and no sweat.  Following Kate’s circle time, the children drew portraits of a granny - their granny or any granny.  The resulting illustrations were imaginative and inspiring.  The kids had a hoot creating bee-hived grannies, monster grannies, even robotic grannies.  Just check out these works of art.



If you missed our club meeting, I would recommend that you check out Kate’s book.  You can find it at:

If you want your kid to become a Bozzy, we cannot promise that he or she will be successfully reading a book while scootering because that is just not safe.  But, we will aim to have fun. 

You can contact us at to reserve one of the few remaining spaces.  Our next meeting will be in the new year on January 14th.  I will be reading Oak Island – A Tale of Two Treasures and we are planning some swashbuckling crafts for the Bozzy pirates. 


The Bozzy Book Club Lowdown:
What: Author readings, musical guest appearances, crafts and games, all revolving around the book of the day’s theme.
Where:  Boscawen Inn (150 Cumberland St. Lunenburg)
When:  January 14, February 4 and 25, March 11 and 25, April 15 and 29, May 13 and 27
Time: 1:30 to 2:30
Membership Cost: $10/child for all 10 sessions