Dead Men Tell No Tales January 18 2015

A word of caution - this post contains excessive use of pirate lingo.  Pirate glossary follows. 

If dead men tell no tales, then the Bozzy Book Club pirates spared us because I am thrilled to share our fun and wacky adventures at this week's book club with you. We walked the plank and narrowly escaped a trip to Davy Jones' locker for it was, after all, PIRATE'S TREASURE WEEK at the BBC.

Snow crystals glistened in the crisp winter sun as I walked into the Boscawen for another BBC meeting. It was contemplative, warm and inspiring at the Bozzy headquarters.  So much so that my littlest scallywag decided it was a suitable setting for perfecting the art of crayon ear balancing. Would you look at that concentration and skill?

And then the quiet dissipated as the rapscallions trickled in two by two. They each found their perch at the craft tables and created treasure maps while they waited for the club to convene.



Once we had all hands on deck and this gentle pirate climbed on board, we set sail. If pirates looked like this five centuries ago, their tales would be a sweet and gentle marriage between Jane Austen and Johnny Depp.

Judy, the Pied Piper of the Bozzy Team, caroused the kids with a raucous, though oddly endearing, rendition of A Pirate Went to Sea, Sea, Sea. And well, sink me! The transformation of Judy into Fluffbucket Patch Beard (her pirate name) before our very eyes was incredible. Sweet, loveable, beautiful Judy with a smile that goes on for days became a scoundrel with the quick flip of a switch.  The kids were smitten, and with absolute reckless abandon Judy forgot that anyone else was present, or that cameras were in the room, to give them a good time. Shiver me timbers, I was a bit scared.

As the more subdued landlubber of the team I had a hard act to follow, but I did give the kids something they all wanted - their very own pirate names.  


We had Squidlips Eddie Three Gates, Mad Patch Bart, Dead Man Creeper Sparrow, Bucko John O'Malley, Freebooter John Beard, and Captain Patch Kidd among us, to name just a few.  It took no time at all for them to shed their sweet spirits and embody their pirate personas. 

Kate, or Scallywag Patch Barnacle, made a gangway and created a pirate themed Mad Lib with the kids once again that is undoubtedly becoming the highlight of our book club. The children love to watch their story unfold and are empowered by their contributions to the silly tales that they make with Kate. These stories are funny, wildly nonsensical, and absolutely perfect for kids. They deserve to be heard and we hope to share them in a compilation of Tales of the Bozzy Book Club.

We then moved into our book of the week reading. I pulled out my well worn copy of Oak Island - A Tale of Two Treasures written by (ahem) myself and illustrated by my husband Travis Hiltz. The kids were attentive and observant, except that little crayon ear balancing matey Stinky Head Bart creeping mischievously behind me as I read.  They recognized the treasure chests depicted all over the Oak Island images and grasped the meaning of the tale - that the island itself is the treasure. 

Judy then brought the buccaneers in for another shanty - Going on a Treasure Hunt. This woman was made for entertaining children and the familiarity of the song made a great interactive activity. It also proved to be the perfect segue into the book club finale - A Lunenburg Treasure Hunt. The kids were given clues that led to Lunenburg landmarks and ended at the Boscawen where we had hidden a sweet treasure treat.

The kids had a rip roaring time and Judy, Kate, and I were pleased to have satisfied them once again. When I got home I was filled with pirate angst and Arghhhs.  I just had to splice the main brace with a clap o' thunder to bring me down!

If you would like to check out this week's Bozzy Book Club book, you can find Oak Island - A Tale of Two Treasures right here.  Just hit the Catalog tab above and keep on clicking.  

Our next Bozzy Book Club gathering will be held on February 4th at the Boscawen Inn. Kate Lum-Potvin, the Queen of the Bozzy Mad Lib, will be sharing another engaging story with the kids about Mr. Ping and his search for the perfect home in his new town. Kate will be joined by her husband, musician Bryan Potvin, for a lively duet of Mr. Ping's favourite song Ho Hoppity Lo.  I am really excited for this one!

Thank you to all of the pirates and parents of pirates that joined us this week at the BBC.  
Thank you to the wonderful pirate wranglers that derailed Stinky Head Bart's attempts to sink the ship.  
And thank you to Jessika ( for capturing some of the afternoon's shenanigans on her phone when my camera was out of reach.

Pirate glossary (

Dead Men Tell No Tales - the reason why pirates leave no survivors.

Davy Jones' Locker - to die at sea, referring to Davy Jones who was said to sink every ship that he took over.

Scallywag - a villainous or mischievous person.

Rapscallion - a mischievous person.

Sink me! - an expression of surprise.

Shiver me timbers! - an expression of surprise or strong emotion.

Landlubber - a person unfamiliar with the sea. 

Gangway - an interjection used to clear a passage through a crowded area.

Buccaneers - heavy drinking, cruel pirates.

Splice the Main Brace - to have a drink or perhaps several drinks.

Clap o' Thunder - a strong alcoholic drink.