Ho Ho Hoppity Lo February 12 2015

On February 4th, the Bozzy Book Club was summoned once again to a snow smothered Boscawen Inn. The kids toddled in wearing full snowsuits with faces barely visible apart from their rosy cheeks and noses pushing through hats and hoods.  Coffee was brewing for the grown up Bozzies, buntings were hung in an intentionally unintentional manner, a guitar was waiting in the corner for a player, and the kids cozied into their now familiar spots at book club.

On the heels of a snow day, the kids were excited to gather for stories, songs, and a flurry of birthdays that were just waiting for a celebration.  Their parents seemed equally happy to escape the endless cycle of shovelling and binge TV watching.  The snow banks were high and the icicles decorating the windows were longer than them, but the BBC kids were warm inside and ready to rock.  And by rock, I don’t mean Judy’s attempt at a punked out version of You are My Sunshine.  We actually had a rock star in the house.  One of the Bozzy neighbors (and the husband of our own Kate the Great Madlibist) is Bryan Potvin (www.bryanpotvin.com) from the well known Canadian rock band The Northern Pikes.  Bryan is a wonderful musician and songwriter whose musical career has taken him all over the world.  But on this cold, wintry day he came to play for a discerning audience of Bozzies and they loved it!  It was not quite the paparazzi worthy image of a party crashing rock star in a hotel.  He brought his acoustic guitar to a Victorian inn and kept it intact.

When the kids settled into their circle, Kate (www.katelum.com) warmed them up with a jazzy narrative and dance to stretch out their limbs and open their imaginations for story time.  

She then pulled out a new story, A House for Mr. Ping, which has been heard by few audiences ... so far.  It is a sweet tale about a man named Mr. Ping who arrives in a new town with the idea that if he finds the perfect house, he will make many friends.  His ideal home is a spectacular house with sparkly paint and a fancy roof.  His search doesn’t end with a glittery abode, but he does find happiness in an unexpected home.  The story is filled with friendship, grilled cheese sandwiches, a ukulele and an upbeat rendition of the story’s feature song, Ho Hoppity Lo which was written and arranged by Kate and Bryan.  This sing-a-long definitely upped the cool factor for the BBC with a hip Sesame Street cameo vibe.  It also upped the moods of the seasonally affected parents who joined in. 

The home theme was carried into our Bozzy craft.  The kids had a blast with a self directed art adventure in home design that involved cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, whatever supplies were on hand and very little parental persuasion.  


They proudly placed their “perfect” homes on the neighborhood mat.  It was a motley but happy community and the children could see that a perfect home is made up of love, creativity, and a lot of glue!

From this we went back to circle time for another home related book, The Mitten by Jan Brett.  In this Ukrainian folktale, a pile of woodland creatures make a home in Nicki’s handknit snow-white mitten.  The animals all squeeze in, creating an odd coexistence until a bear’s sneeze projects them all, leaving only a stretched out mitten for the boy.  It is a beautifully illustrated book, and Judy read it in her usual kid centric style.

The afternoon ended as all afternoons should – with cake. These three Bozzy kids share three birthdays in three days and did not seem to mind sharing a couple of cakes, a load of candles, and a lot of birthday joy with one another.  What a wonderful afternoon at the BBC it was.


The next Bozzy Book Club date is February 25th.  We are very happy to welcome Kate Inglis (www.kateinglis.com) to our club.  Kate is a children’s author and photographer who has also made her home on the South Shore.  She will be reading from her highly anticipated monster poetry book, If I Were A Zombie (set for release by Nimbus Publishing in the fall).  I am looking forward to this as well as an evening of sipping wine in front of Pinterest in search of the perfect monster craft for our BBC kids.