Having Munsch with the Mayor March 18 2015 1 Comment

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day.  I grew up in Newfoundland, my mother's (maiden) name is Molly O’Brien and I was an Irish tap dancer when I was a kid.  St. Patrick's Day is a big deal.  I usually dance a jig on Paddy’s Day and play Great Big Sea songs as loud as is allowable in a heritage neighborhood, but I didn’t yesterday.  It was not a green leprechaun dancing on your dining room table kind of day.  The only green in this house came from the sniffly noses of 60% of our family. Yesterday was not green, it was white, and it was even whiter today.

Lunenburg was quite beautiful today, eerily apocalyptic but pretty.  

The only traffic that you would find in town was the gridlock of snowploughs and sleds.  It was the perfect day for an annual family portrait. 

This photo was taken this morning in our neighbor’s yard and one of us couldn't make the long trek across the property line through the deep snow.  She is there, deep in the background, and has been suddenly and shockingly struck with middle child syndrome.  I hope she will get through it, the snow and the syndrome.

A mountain of snow fell overnight and turned March Break into March Break Your Back (at least it is that for my husband who has been shovelling non stop for 7 weeks). 

If it wasn’t March Break, it would be another snow day and you know how I feel about snow days.  I will get to the intended point of this post now.

Last Wednesday was not a snow day.  There was snow on the ground, though it was neither falling nor blowing around.  And it was not messing with my mom mojo.  Therefore, the Bozzy Book Club kids hurried out of school ready to gather at the Boscawen Inn for another fun afternoon of crafting and storytelling.  However, this week they did not scurry down the steps like cat chased mice as they typically do.  They were brought into the inn’s elegant turquoise parlours, formally referred to as the Drawing Room and the Music Room (and quite fitting for this day).

Sky high ceilings and ornate chandeliers canopied rooms filled with antiques and haunting portraits of really old people whose eyes might follow your every move.  I felt like I was in the mystery game Clue and if I leaned heavily on the mantle, it would turn and I would find myself in a secret room with Colonel Mustard carrying a candlestick while Professor Plum laid dead on the floor.  However, there were no dead professors on this day and the rooms were filled with laughter and silliness.  The kids looked slightly confused about the prospect of having book club in the pretty rooms too, like they were being let loose in a white room with a chocolate ice cream cone.  But they were let loose in the turquoise palace because it was Prince and Princess Week at the BBC.  We lined the rug in kraft paper, threw down some craft supplies, hung up a banner and we were all set to entertain a bunch of busy bozzies. 




The kids immediately began handcrafting crowns for themselves and made one extra for our BBC special guest, Lunenburg’s Mayor Rachel Bailey.  Mayor Bailey was coronated and donned her monogrammed crown as she read Robert Munsch’s The Paper Bag Princess


Obviously, she has read this book with her own family many, many times, for she barely had to look at the pages to read to the kids.  We all enjoyed her warm reading and will gladly roll out the red carpet for her anytime (the Inn has the most fabulous new red carpet on the stairs, so it won’t be too difficult to make it happen).

The princess vibe kept on rolling with Kate’s reading of her hilarious tale, Princesses Are Not Just Pretty.


This book is one in a series of Princesses are Not ... books that Kate has written and features Princesses Libby, Allie and Mellie at their silliest bests.  In this story, the sisters bicker over which one of them is the prettiest and on their quest to win the pretty contest, they end up showing their true beauty by helping others.  Kate showed the kids that princesses are not just pretty, but drippy, yucky, muddy and ultimately, kind.  The bozzy princes and princesses rolled over with laughter at this royal adventure.

A new addition to the book club last week was a presentation by two of our oldest Bozzy Book Club kids, who sweetly collaborated on a reading of a princess fairy tale for the younger bozzies.

And to balance out the princess vibe, Judy, in her true crazy, kid-friendly fashion, read The King, The Mice and The Cheese by Nancy and Eric Gurney.

Prince and Princess week at the BBC was a huge hit.  The bozzies didn’t always sit on their royal behinds, curtsy, bow, speak in perfect British accents or refer to me as Her Majesty, but they certainly had a lot of fun.

We would like to thank Rachel Bailey for joining us this week, as well as Kate, Judy, and our Bozzy kids for their tremendous story telling.  

Our next book club meeting will be held on March 25th and we will be joined by Anne-Marie Sheppard, children’s book illustrator and one of the fabulous women opening the eagerly anticipated Lexicon Books here in Lunenburg!  She will be sharing some tips and tricks for illustrating books with the children and we can't wait to welcome her as our very first illustrator at the BBC.