Awaiting Winter's End .... In Spring March 23 2015 1 Comment

Spring has arrived ... but Winter forgot to leave.  King Winter was late for the party this year.  But, what he lacked in punctuality, he made up for in enthusiasm.  Like the really drunk guest who just won't leave the party.  This is not a diatribe against Winter, there are more than enough Winter Hatists on Facebook to fill everyone's hate bucket.  It is quite apparent from my most recent posts that I don't love winter, but as someone once said, without pain one cannot feel joy.  So, here comes some joy.

With winter, there comes snow.  We have been barraged with snowstorms over the past eight weeks and shovelling has become the official Nova Scotian sport, not by choice.  Salty floors and snowsuits would probably sum up my mothering experience these days.  But, when we squeeze our winter spread bottoms into those snowsuits and force ourselves outside, we certainly have been having a lot of fun in this little town.  Instead of hobbling around, complaining about the snow in our best Eeyore voices, this is what we do as we wait for winter's end.



And then there is Lunenburg itself.  The most beautiful postcard perfect town in the summer - bustling with wonderful music, great food and a glistening harbour busy with boats.  But, even when it is covered in white, it is still full of color.  And this town is darn good at ploughing sidewalks.  Perfectly chiseled pathways form within hours of a storm, making Lunenburgers the envy of many big city folks.


And while we await winter's end, Canadian wildlife is doing the same.  I am happy to share a beautiful children's book that has just been released by Mascot Books, fittingly called Awaiting Winter's End.

This book gives a warm and rich depiction of what animals do as they wait for winter's end.  Written by Cindy Missen-Ross, it is gentle and smart and a wonderful way to introduce science, nature, and art to young children. The illustrations by Steph Ross are stunning, cheeky, and each one is a true work of art in itself. This mother daughter duo have crafted a wonderful educational tool that parents and children will find interesting, informative, and a joy to read. Each two page spread features beautiful rhyming verses about a particular Canadian wild animal and describes what each does in the winter.  The verses give clues and the illustrations complement the hints with a partial glimpse of each animal.  

This has the elements of a great interactive guessing game that my own children loved.  If you love nature, Canadiana, smart children's writing and art, you should read this book.  If you are sick of waiting for winter to end, you should read this book. Basically, you should just read this book and follow Awaiting Winter's End.