K is for Kone April 01 2015

A blizzard did not keep the bozzies at bay last week, which meant lots of kids were in attendance for Kone Week at the Bozzy Book Club! 

What's Kone Week, you ask?  Kone Week was a celebration of the greatness of Mr. Kone - a friendly, happy go lucky fellow who adores the letter K.  His love for K runs deep; he lives in a K shaped house with his cat named Keith, sleeps in a K shaped bed, and happily sings the praises of all things that begin with the letter K.  One day, Mr. Kone decides that all words should begin with the letter K, but he is met with obstacles and frustration as he tries to communicate in his new K-rich vocabulary.  Mr. Kone’s story, called K Is For Kone, is one of the newest comical creations of Kate (with a K) Lum-Potvin. 

The kids were a little kooky when they arrived at the Bozzy and we worried that we were in for a wild ride, but as soon as Kate began to read K Is For Kone, they were engrossed in its hilarity. 

Following Kate’s reading, the kids were left to their own devices to create an illustrated version of the story, which has yet to be set to pictures.  The children busily depicted Mr. Kone’s tale, with covers and their own storytelling drawings. 



Then Kate and the Bozzy Book Club saw Mr. Kone come to life at the hands of Anne-Marie Sheppard, children’s book enthusiast and co-owner of Lexicon Books in Lunenburg.  Anne-Marie shared her talents with illustrations that complemented this funny tale perfectly.  She and Kate then read the story and displayed her visual interpretation with a kid friendly discussion about how she conceived the sketches from her reading of the story (only three days earlier!).  The illustrations unbelievably captured the essence of Kone with witty cartoons, fantastic streetscapes and expressive caricatures.

The kids really responded to these illustrations and then shared their own with the group.  It was particularly interesting to see the diversity of interpretations which relayed a great message about the infinite possibilities when imagination meets visual art.  Once the kids finished illustrating their Kone books, we bound the pages so they could share their books with friends and family.

Thank you to Kate and Anne-Marie for bringing a story to life before our eyes.  It was quite special for the children to experience the illustration process - a first for our book club.

The BBC meets again on April 15th, when we will venture out of the Bozzy and head to the tip of Lunenburg.  It will be a musically themed book club session and we are delighted to be hosted at the Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance (known to us as LAMP), where the world's finest classical musicians come to learn and perform.