The Return of the Bozzy Book Club September 23 2015

The book lovin’ Bozzies are Baaa-ack. 

On September 30th, Bozzy Book Club Season 2 will be premiering for another year of literary excitement.  To kick start this new season, the wonderful folks at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic are opening Gallery 3 in the newly renovated space to our group for an afternoon of children’s books, music, crafts and lots of fun to celebrate all things fishy.  

If you haven’t heard of the BBC of Lunenburg or would like a little reminder, the Bozzy Book Club is a children’s reading club based at the Boscawen Inn that meets each early dismissal Wednesday from 1:30 to 2:30 to share themed books, music, and crafts with local kids.  We have been joined by musicians, illustrators, authors and community members who have shown their amazing talents to these lucky kids. 

Read more about the Bozzy Book Club, not to be confused with the Boozy Book Club, here and here and here and here and here.  If you are interested in joining our group, you can contact us ( to see if space is available.  And if you are a children’s artist, writer, or musician and would like to donate your time to share with the children or workshop new material with an enthusiastic group, get in touch with us. 

Since you haven’t heard from the book club in a while, I thought that I would quickly recap our final meeting last spring. 

It was a glorious, sunny afternoon in late May.  The scene was set at the cabin on the hill. 

The BBC families went off road at this pastoral spot overlooking the back harbour and the kids were excited.  It was starting to feel like summer was on its way after a very long winter that overtook the spring.  The perfect reason to pitch a tent, am I right?

They were slathered in sunscreen and squinting under sun hats for a reading of the hugely popular book, The Book With No Pictures by BJ Novak.  One of our bozzies had requested to read this hilarious book to her pals, which really reflects the love of reading shared among these kids. 

Most children are quite familiar with this book already, having forced many parents and teachers to read it aloud in silly voices, reciting nonsensical phrases while the kids guiltily giggled.  Its quite an entertaining read.  BJ Novak is simply brilliant, but any fan of The Office or The Mindy Project would already know that.


There was also a great music collaboration from the wonderfully talented and gracious Bryan Potvin and the guitar clubbers. 

Bryan has joined us previously and loves to share music with children, along with his wife and BBC cohost Kate Lum-Potvin, who loves to share her own stories and fun madlibs.  Seriously, that is a match made in creative heaven, don’t you think. 

The kids were delighted to strum along with Bryan.  But not to be forgotten was our resident funk master, Judy who brought the kids on a musical journey with beat boxed nursery rhymes.  Her enthusiasm kills me.

And then there was popcorn and popsicles and ice cream. 


And frog catching in the boggy woods, quickly followed by tick checks. 

It was not a typical book club session, but then again, we are not your typical book clubbers.   Stay tuned for updates on this season's Bozzy Book Club.