Books We Heart - Cheer-rup! Cheer-rup! Spring is Here! March 23 2016

It is, right? Yes? Please? Apparently, it is. The calendar and the arrival of the Easter Bunny this Sunday both agree. Though you never want to get your hopes up too much too early here in Atlantic Canada. Don’t. You. Even. Think about changing those winter tires or packing away the winter boots and snowsuits, because as soon as you do we will all be eating storm chips on a snow day without any power. Remember, this was exactly one year ago today. Here is a reminder of what was a year ago and what is today:

So, be patient my friends. Spring does seem to be making brief appearances. A few crocuses are blooming and some robins are bobbing about. It is coming. And so is Easter, which could go either way. We could be hunting for Easter eggs in the grass or the snow, and we have done both and the children enjoyed them equally.

Penelope and I crawled out of our lazy rainy day cave for a brief hop about town today in an attempt to bring on some Spring spirit.  

And by brief, I define brief.  We made it around the corner before she kicked the last bit of snow from the curb and declared "time to go home, Mom!", and I, being an obedient mom, obliged.  

We came home and gathered up some spring books and bunnies to brighten our day.  Here are a few suggestions from our home library to get you and your little ones in the mood for Spring.

Anything by Beatrix Potter – Who doesn’t love the sweet tales of Mr. Jeremy Fisher, Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit? Beautiful illustrations, timeless stories ... simply classic. I need not say any more.

Spring by Gerda Muller is a wordless storybook that we came upon at our local Waldorf Kindergarten. Images of nesting birds, rainbows, newborn farm animals, and children painting eggs and planting seeds capture the true essence of Spring. Using the striking visuals before them, children tend to lead the story themselves using imagination and creativity, or parents just wing it!

Dr. Duck and the New Babies by H.M. Ehrlich is a fun little story about Dr. Duck’s feeble attempts to tend to his garden as all of the nearby farm animals are birthing their spring babies and in need of his assistance.

Fun Times by Susan Atkinson-Keen is one book in a series of nature stories about Broughton Bear and Toby Travis. Susan is going to be a guest at our Bozzy Book Club next week and plans to share this story with our children. We have been reading Broughton Bear stories in our home for many years and this is one of our favorites. When a spring canoe trip turns into an adventure amongst the cattails and a dragon appears in the swamp, what will Toby and Broughton do?

The Easter Egg by Jan Brett. A book that starts with “Cheer-rup! Cheer-rup! Spring is here!” is sure to be a sweet tale and like many of Brett’s other wonderful books, this one tells a parallel story in the illustrations. Jan Brett is one of the greatest children’s storytellers (in my humble opinion) and she hits the mark with each one of her seasonal stories. This is a great Easter pick!

We hope that you enjoy these seasonal stories as much as we have over the years whether you are sitting under a tree in the Spring sun or sitting by the woodfire in your woolens because Winter just won't go away.