Turning Books into Buntings June 29 2016

Those who know me, know that I love a good banner (or bunting as we call them these days).  I've made buntings for every occasion that comes up - birthday buntings, Christmas buntings, Easter buntings, cactus themed baby shower buntings, book club buntings - you name it ... I've stuck a bunting on it.  

Fabric, felt and paper buntings have been a big "thing" for quite a few years and I have certainly leapt onto the bunting bandwagon.  I imagine that someday our children will reminisce about our bunting filled homes in much the same way that we cringe over memories of Christmas trees covered in silver tinsel in the 80's.  But, I don't mind future eye rolls.  I can roll with it!

Buntings can make any sorry state of a room look happy, playful and ready for a celebration.  I have been known to distract a visitor's eyes from the dust bunnies under the beds and the cobwebs stretching in the ceiling's corners by tacking a bunting to a wall, window, fence, or cupcake (because what else distracts a visitor's eyes from the dust bunnies better than baked sweets!).  Who cares how messy the house is, this lady can whip up a bunting or a blueberry loaf in the blink of an eye.  Just do not open a closet. 

So, you may have guessed that I'm not the best housekeeper in town, but one thing that this fallen perfectionist still cannot handle is a book in disrepair.  I love books.  I love them so much that I like to read them without splitting a spine ... while wearing white gloves.  Wet wrinkly pages, dog eared corners and torn covers are soul crushing.  Do not even get me started on dust jackets.  Just try to imagine how difficult the past decade has been for me with a husband and three children who sleep with books, eat books, take books in the bath and to the beach.  It hurts.  However, I have found a happy alternative to the abused book's recycling bin fate, while jumping on that other bandwagon of the decade - upcycling!  When life gave me torn books, I turned them into book buntings.  

These little buntings are the perfect decorative addition to a child's room, a play space, a book nook, or even a baby shower.  I will be adding some to the shop over the next week if you are interested in purchasing a book bunting.  Or, you can make your own!  

Find some old children's books.  Once you stop crying over the death of the book, cut the pages into a flag shape of your choice.  Sew the flag pieces into a binding using a sewing machine.  Or, if sewing isn't your jam, use a hole punch to place holes in your flag pieces and string your banner with twine.  Hang and enjoy!