Woolly Times

Hidden Treasure November 14 2014

There once was a man who lived in a little house in a little town.  He had a little wife and together they had three little girls.  This little house was filled with silliness and not a little, but a lot of noise.  Under the stairs in this little loud house was a little closet that was filled with treasure.  Oak Island treasure.  The treasure was not in chests, but in boxes.  The treasure was neither gold nor diamonds. It was books - books filled with pictures and words of truth and adventure; of exploration and empowerment.  



This tiny room was once a storage closet prior to its life as a toy closet and now its re-incarnation as the Woolly Thyme Press stock room.  Though I must admit, it still doubles as a craft supply storage facility and possibly triples as the Christmas elves stock room! Someday, I will be brave enough to give you a tour of the facility, but for now that vault is sealed.  

Stay tuned for a sneak peak of our press headquarters ... which doubles as our dining room.  

These are the realities of a grass roots press.

Planting Woolly Thyme October 15 2014

Welcome to Woolly Times.

This blog is not being launched, we are planting it. We hope that you will watch as we grow from a small seedling between two stones into a pathway that leads families on adventures as they read.  Woolly Thyme is often described as tenacious and sturdy; growing easily, almost effortlessly; softening and covering ground.  We hope to do the same with books that encourage thought, imagination, and connections to our past and present.


This blog will be a place for us to share the creative side of Woolly Thyme Press and the adventures that we lead as we create our story.  Follow us and feel inspired to create your own tales.