Oak Island - A Tale of Two Treasures


For more than 200 years, the mysterious treasure of Oak Island has perplexed the world ... What is the treasure?  Where is it?  Who will find it?  Many theories abound as treasure hunters and enthusiasts speculate these questions.  Oak Island – A Tale of Two Treasures is not the typical Oak Island saga or pirate swashbuckling adventure. Instead, it relays an important message to readers that the greatest treasures in life are not always hidden and can be found in the whimsical world of nature. The intent of this book is to enlighten and inspire readers to go out and look for surrounding magic and treasure. Everyone has their own Oak Island, whether it is a favourite beach, river, hiking trail or playground - an escape from the hustle and bustle of the “real” world, where imaginations can be nurtured and peace found. This message is illustrated through pencil drawings and sketches, which are playfully organic and rooted in nature's simple beauty. Softcover, 28 pages, suitable for ages 5 to 10.

This book is a must read for those mystified by the secrets of the Oak Island treasure, for those who share a deep connection with nature, and for those who are interested in the unique history of an Atlantic Canadian mystery.