House of Woolly Thyme

Live artfully with original handwoven fibre scapes. Timeless artwork to warm hearts and homes

Mary Anne Donovan ~ Textile Artist

  • Quality

    Attention to detail and thoughtful design encompasses everything created at House of Woolly Thyme, from our locally produced weaving kits to tapestry collections and commissions. Opening a House of Woolly Thyme package is an experience that warms the soul.

  • Art with Heart

    Each original House of Woolly Thyme tapestry is woven by hand using artisan fibres and handcrafted looms. Unique perspectives and images that evoke a sense of comfort, nostalgia or a deep love of nature are created with artful love and heart by artist, Mary Anne Donovan.

  • Cultivating Creativity

    With a mindful approach to handcrafts and art, we thrive on the joy of sharing our passion. Unleash the artist within and explore the world of modern tapestry weaving with House of Woolly Thyme.