Weaving Commissions

Art can carry the creator to a different world and time. Art can convey a sense of wander or one of rootedness. It is a looking glass into the memories and dreams, into the hopes and possibility of the collector and the creator. Art is a means of expressing the emotions of our soul.
Creating unique, custom textile art for collectors is one of Mary Anne's most fulfilling acts as an artist. To weave the stories of a family, the hopes of an individual, the memories of beloved people or places through the rise and fall of strands of wool over thread, row upon row is a special honour that she treats with a tender kindness.
Each tapestry is created by hand using natural fibres, many of which are hand dyed and sourced locally from small batch yarn producers. Tapestries are mounted on modern walnut, ash,
cherry and maple wood hangers that are crafted locally or woven directly into ash frames in sizes ranging from 16 inches to 6 feet in width.
The design and creative process is a collaboration with the client to create a woven image that compliments their vision and aesthetic. The commission process begins with a design consultation via e-mail or video call, followed by design sketches, fibre palette curation and then the woven practice which will be documented for process updates.

Commissioned work has limited availability. Contact Mary Anne via email at hello@houseofwoollythyme.com for commission price structures, availability and timelines.