About the Press

Woolly Thyme Press is a grassroots children's book press located in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia where horse hooves and squeaky carriage wheels are still heard throughout the Old Town; where the academy sits atop the township as its beautiful yet haunting figurehead.

This town with a rich maritime history is now rich in creativity and craft.  It is a place where artistic endeavours in the young and old are encouraged and embraced, providing the perfect backdrop for this company.  The press grew from the idea that if you want to create something you must plant it, tend it, and watch it grow.  Like the woolly thyme in a garden surrounding the centuries old bluestone pathway, books published by this press will have firm roots in the past, the present and the future.

Woolly Thyme Press is a husband and wife team who create stories and pictures for the three delightful muses that inspire their days and their tales. They have a strong sense of pride in heritage, and value the places that they call home.  They want Woolly Thyme Press to reflect this devotion to home, the one that they share with their children and the endearing places that they have come from.

Check out Our Story to read more about Travis and Mary Anne and their shared commitment to creating.